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International Group Reinsurance Rates 2018/19

The International Group of P&I Clubs finalized and announced yesterday evening the arrangements for the renewal of the International Group’s general excess of loss reinsurance contract (GXL) and Hydra reinsurance program for the forthcoming 2018 policy year.

For the fourth consecutive year, the reinsurance premiums will be reduced across all tonnage categories, despite recent expectation stemming from the challenges faced this past year due to the catastrophe events occurring in 2017.

Please see here below analysis of reinsurance rates and adjustments from the 2017/18 policy year.

ETC Rate
USD per GT
ETC Rate
USD per GT
Adj in ETC rate
USD per GT
from 2017
Tanker Dirty 0.5955 0.5845 -0.011 -1.85%
Tanker Clean 0.2675 0.2626 -0.0049 -1.83%
Dry 0.4114 0.4038 -0.0076 -1.85%
Passenger 3.3319 3.2707 -0.0612 -1.84%


[ Group Excess Reinsurance Rates 2018 ]


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