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More than 3,800 pre-1998 tankers and bulkers arrived in India in 2022

Data from MarineTraffic has shown that a considerable number of vessels called at Indian ports in 2022 that will not be allowed in after India introduces its planned ban on older ships.

As was reported in IMN last week, under the new rules no bulk carrier, tanker or general cargo ship aged 25 years or more will be allowed to call at Indian ports. For gas carriers, offshore vessels and container ships, the age limit will be 30 years. Locally flagged ships will be deregistered when they reach the new age limits. Shipowners also will not be allowed to India-flag any secondhand acquisitions that are 20 years old or more.

According to the MarineTraffic data there were 3,802 tankers and bulk carriers built prior to 1998 that arrived in India in 2022. Looking at the rule that would ban ships older than 20 years from registering to sail under the Indian flag, the company said that there were currently 753 India-flagged ships operating that were built prior to 2003. Of these, 133 were tankers and 61 were bulk carriers.

Source: Insurance Marine News, February 3rd 2023

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