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New International Group Chair

At the Annual General Meeting of the International Group of P&I Clubs held in Newcastle on 8 November 2022 the appointment of Andrew Cutler as the new Group Chair was approved.  Andrew succeeds Paul Jennings who has held the post since 2018.  The Group expressed its thanks to Paul for his service, in particular during the extremely challenging COVID-19 pandemic.  During Paul’s tenure in office the Group has continued to develop positively in many areas, which included the Group publishing its first sustainability report.  Reflecting on some of the turbulence during his time in charge Paul Jennings commented:

“When I took office following Hugo Wynn Williams four years ago the world was a very different place.  Not only have we had to endure COVID-19 but more recently to deal with the effects on global trade from ever expanding sanctions resulting from geopolitical tensions.  Despite this the Group system is collectively stronger today and has shown its resilience and continued relevance notwithstanding these external pressures in turn affording continued support for shipowners and other maritime stakeholders.”

Andrew Cutler thanked the outgoing Chair and confirmed his commitment to ensuring the continuity and stability of the Group system, saying:

“During Paul’s time as Group Chair, the Group has thrived and continued to evidence its value to both the Clubs’ members and to the wider maritime community.  I look forward to building on Paul’s excellent work going forward”.

Nick Shaw added:

“I have enjoyed working with Paul over the last four years and very much looking forward to working with Andrew during his tenure in office.”


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