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North of England & Standard Club Merging

North of England & Standard Club have announced that they are exploring the potential combining to jointly create a club. The two are of equal financial strength and this will allow them to compete with Gard in scale and still offer the excellent service both Clubs already deliver.

We understand that the merger is subject to:

a/ approval of the full mutual membership of both clubs’ (members will vote at general meetings in May 2022) and

b/ regulatory approval

All going well the combined club will commence operating as a single entity by Autumn 2022, allowing them to work together on the February 2023 renewal.

To our knowledge, the current Chairman of Standard, Cesare D’Amico will be the new Chairman of the new entity with Paul Jennings and Jeremy Grose as Joint CEO’s. Both offices in Newcastle and London will remain but most probably they will merge the Global offices where it makes sense to do so.

For more details, please visit the following links:

North Standard P&I merger – stability and future growth (

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