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Ocean Protection Services (Athens Office)

Aries Marine’s collaboration with OPS Maritime Security, continues for a 6th consecutive year and is further being enhanced by the soon expected opening of OPS’s new office in Athens.

OPS Maritime Security, a part of OPS Global Risk Management Group, have decided, contrary to the recent perception in respect to investing in Greece, to set up a new office and operations center in Athens, wishing to operate directly out of the Global center of Maritime entrepreneurship.

OPS Global Risk Management group was established in 2011 as Ocean Protection Services, enjoying an excellent track record since, in delivering professional services and expertise in a most delicate business area.

Services provided include, but not limited to :

  • Armed guards
  • Escort vessel
  • Secure anchorage
  • UAV surveillance
  • Live intelligence

For further information, please visit their website:

OPS Maritime Security offices in Athens will be based in the same block where Aries offices are, thus ensuring not only a quick and smooth familiarization into the Greek business market and ethics, but also formulating in fact, a highly committed, dedicated and diversified Risk group.

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