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Crew Personal Accident, Medical Expenses & Repatriation

We offer Ship’s Crew Personal Accident Insurance including Medical/Hospital expenses and repatriation, to our associates, being Ship managers, Crew managers and Manning agents.

This product typically provides a Limit of Cover up to members own P&I crew deductible amount and insures liabilities arising out of crew medical related issues, including loss of life, total or partial disability, injury, illness, repatriation etc.

Unlike similar policies in the market, our cover is underwritten by one of the largest and long established composite Syndicate’s in Lloyds thus ensuring its credibility as well as the highest recognition for service and financial strength within the Maritime Community.

Claims processing is uncomplicated and straightforward with swift payment upon agreement of the claim.

The number of crew medical cases is constantly on the rise; we strongly believe that this Policy can greatly assist in protecting owners/employers from unrecoverable costs within the deductible, which would normally fall for their own account. In our experience, the accumulated cost of such incidents can be quite substantial and is often one which is overlooked and could vary greatly from year to year.

For more information please contact:
Despina Kalfa [email protected]
Georgia Sklavou [email protected]
Irene Remoundou [email protected]

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