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Steamship warns on Defective Pyrotechnics

Steamship Mutual has brought to the attention of Members a recent Safety Alert issued by the Dutch Safety Board to stop the use of, and to replace, a defective batch of the following pyrotechnics:

  • PIROLEC Red Rocket Parachute Flare
  • Type: L-35 / L-35A
  • Batch: 0525/2021 – 113

The Safety Alert has been published after a preliminary investigation into an accident on board a sailing yacht on January 1st 2023, when a flare, being operated in compliance with the instructions, did not launch as intended. Instead it immediately exploded, with fatal consequences.

While the Dutch Safety Board has not yet been able to determine whether this was a one-off accident or if a more structural problem existed with the flares, it was believed that, given the nature of the incident, there was a risk that it was not a one-off incident. The Dutch Safety Board said that contact had been made with the manufacturer in Spain, who had also warned its customers in Spain and was recalling the specific batch.

Steamship said that its members should bring the Risk Alert to the attention of staff for them to check their pyrotechnics and verify that they do not have any of the defective Batch of PIROLEC Red Rocket Parachute Flares onboard. Where flares of the defective batch are identified, these should be withdrawn from use and replaced, the Club said.

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