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P&I Clubs // Excess War P&I Risks – Russia, Ukraine & Belarus (RUB) Sub-limit $80m

In view of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the International Group P&I Clubs are now offering cover for vessels transiting and/or calling within ALL Russian waters including their coastal waters up to 12 nautical miles offshore, and Certain European waters (as defined below) but at a new Excess War Risk sublimit of $80m any one event, each vessel.

Certain European waters:

1) Sea of Azov and Black Sea waters enclosed by the following boundaries

  1. a) On the west, around Romanian waters, from the Ukraine-Romania border at 45° 10.858’N, 29° 45.929’E to high seas point 45° 11.235’N, 29° 51.140’E
  2. b) thence to high seas point 45° 11.474’N, 29° 59.563’E and on to high seas point 45° 5.354’N, 30° 2.408’E
  3. c) thence to high seas point 44° 46.625’N, 30° 58.722’E and on to high seas point 44° 44.244’N, 31° 10.497’E
  4. d) thence to high seas point 44° 2.877’N, 31° 24.602’E and on to high seas point 43° 27.091’N, 31° 19.954’E
  5. e) and then east to the Russia-Georgia border at 43° 23.126’N, 40° 0.599’E

2) All inland waters of Ukraine

3) Inland waters of Russia within the following areas:

  1. Crimean Peninsula
  2. River Don, from Sea of Azov to vertical line at 41° E
  3. River Donets, from River Don to Ukraine border

4) All inland waters of Belarus south of horizontal line at 52° 30’ N

The International Group’s Excess war cover Limit for all other regions will remain unaffected at $500m (as before).

The International Group policy provides Excess cover for War P&I risks and hence, shipowners should also have primary War cover in place.

Please refer to the below for more information:

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