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The International Group Pooling and GXL Reinsurance 2023/24

Further to the finalization of the renewal arrangements for the International Group’s General Excess of Loss Reinsurance Contract (GXL) and Hydra reinsurance program for the forthcoming 2023-24 policy year, please see below rates that will apply per vessel type:


Vessel Category 2022/23
ETC Rate $/gt
ETC Rate $/gt
Adj in ETC rate $/gt % change
from 2022
Persistent oil tanker 0,6469 0,6663 0,0194 3,0%
Clean tankers 0,3666 0,4051 0,0385 10,5%
Dry cargo vessels 0,5639 0,5991 0,0352 6,2%
(fully cellular container vessels)
0,6586 0,7277 0,0691 10,5%
Passenger 3,8677 3,8677


The average rate rise for Shipowners is 5.8%.

For more information please see the Circular released by the IG Group:

IG Reinsurance contract (GXL) structure for the 2023/24 finalized – The International Group of P&I Clubs (

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